Rymbui admits lapse, says blast not anticipated  

CSWO seeks action against terror

 Shillong, Aug 11: Home Minister Lahkmen Rymbui on Wednesday admitted that there has been a lapse which led to the IED blast in Laitumkhrah market.

“It is not a total intelligence failure but there is a  lapse. We could not anticipate that such a thing would happen in that particular area”, Rymbui told reporters.


According to Rymbui, this is a wakeup call.

“We have seen bomb blasts on a few occasions last year and this year and through this, the police should be more vigilant and moreover, they should not treat any information be it small and that they should analyse properly so that these types of thing could be prevented”, Rymbui said.

He said the incident was very unfortunate.

“We condemn it as the citizens of the state and also as a government. This incident cannot be accepted and will never be accepted by the people and the government”, he said.

He also appealed to the citizens that if there is any suspicious movement of people, in any locality they should immediately report to the police.

“The citizens of the state and Shillong are very vigilant and there were so many things that we could prevent and solve because of the active information we got from the general public”, he said.

As far as the talks with the militant group is concerned, he said it is time for the outfit to join mainstream and there is nothing which cannot be solved within the parameter of the constitution of India.

HNLC threat ridiculous  

The home minister further said the threat of HNLC against the press is ridiculous as the media is under nobody’s pressure and nobody can pressure the press to do what they have to do.

“The press is performing their own duty. The duty of the press is to give information to the people within the legal frame work of the constitution. Within the parameter which is allowed by the press council of India. This threat is totally uncalled for, totally condemnable and this threat should be immediately withdrawn by the so called proscribed organization,” the home minister said.

To a question, Rymbui said it is the duty of the state to provide security to each and every citizen of the state.

“So I request if anybody is under threat while performing their duty, they should contact the local police station or the SP concerned so that the threat could be analysed and police could do whatever should be done”, Rymbui added.

CSWO condemns blast  

The Civil Society Women’s Organisation (CSWO) has condemned the IED attack at Laitumkhrah market.

 In a statement issued on Wednesday, the CSWO president Agnes Kharshiing said the incident has nearly harmed even children and injured at least a woman, and shook many houses nearby, due to this cowardice act of terror.

 “In a civil society, the public should strongly condemn this sort of attack and should cooperate with the investigators so that the police can find the perpetrators so that the people cannot live in fear from some terror threats and a civil society cannot promote violence,” Agnes said.

She also urged the government to give free treatment to the injured besides ensuring protection to the people of the state. 

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