Sanbor seeks PM’s intervention on profiling Christians

Shillong, Dec 4: Cabinet minister and BJP leader Sanbor Shullai has sought the intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi into the recent survey of the Christian community in Karnataka.

“I request your honourable office to kindly take cognisance about the issue raised by the Archbishop and also by other Christian communities,” Shullai said in his letter.


The survey was conducted by the Directorate of Minorities Welfare, Government of Karnataka citing it as data collection.

The Archbishop of Bangalore Peter Machado had objected to the survey.

He said such survey of people regarding religion is unconstitutional and doesn’t justify the religious freedom of faith.

“Any individual who is taking law into their hands by taking advantage of the situation hereby imposing distrust among the minority Christian Community in the state of Karnataka is highly objectionable,” he said.

He added that since India has a global secular image such acts are definitely going to dent our image.

The cabinet minister urged the prime minister to ensure safety and security of Christian community living in Karnataka and every state of India is protected.

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