Thabah clan members to meet on Dec 10

Shillong, Dec 13: The Seng Kur Lyngdoh Thabah Seng Kmie in commemoration of its silver jubilee of existence will be holding a gathering of all Thabah clan members on December 16, at the Jaiaw Lumpyllon Dorbar Community Hall from 10 am.

Announcing this, the clan’s Seng Kmie President, N.R. Thabah said that the event will mark several activities from introducing new members as well as enlighten clan members on the various activities of the Seng Kmie, the umbrella body of the Seng Kur Thabah and future plans.


“We warmly invite all Thabah clan members to converge on the said date and time so that together as a clan we can become stronger and larger in numbers,” the President said while urging those using only Lyngdoh instead of Lyngdoh Thabah to revert back to the age-old clan’s original name. “There are many Lyngdoh clans in the Khasi and Jaiñtia Hills, and hence it is wise to use the original title Thabah so that mistakes can be avoided especially in terms of understanding relations,” he said.

Joining in to invite clan members, the Seng Kmie General Secretary R.B. Thabah said the event will also mark the felicitation of meritorious students from matriculation to Phd as well as senior members of the clan above the age of 85. “The pandemic of 2020 prevented us from acknowledging meritorious students from our clan, and hence on this day we will be felicitating such students from the year 2021 to 2023 together,” he added.

Anticipating close to 500 clan members from across the state to come, the Seng Samla Seng Kur Thabah President, Whispering JW Thabah said that however he looks forward to more numbers. He informed that winners  of the raffle ticket draw will be announced on the same day and requested raffle ticket holders to bring the ticket along should they win the jackpot.

General Secretary of the Seng Salmla Seng Kur Thabah, Banteibor Thabah informed that the clan will also be releasing the Clan Almanak for the calendar year 2024, while calling upon the youths of the Thabah clan to take all efforts to attend the gathering for the greater good of the clan.

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