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The power of imagination & positive thoughts

When man is creative, his power of imagination is as deep and wide as the ocean. However, not everyone is blessed with creativity. Those who are gifted with this immense depth of imagination create new paths, and most importantly, find ways to live in harmony with Mother Nature despite the onslaught of urbanisation and modernisation.

Imagination has wings and one can ride on it and travel for miles. One immerses in imagining a new world, or even universe, in solitude. There are individuals too for whom imagination, which is sometimes constructive, is a way of spending leisure. The unseen or the unknown that reflects in the inner mind is the most beautiful creation of all. That imagination emanates the truth of life.


Imagination is the ability to reveal ideas and the mental creativity with the pictures of life. Those creative persons intend to leave before the world all their ideas and concept for the world to know their intentions through their creativity.

As I talk about imagination, I must mention that it can be positive or negative. Poets, authors or writers would usually relate or take the symbols of animals as well as other living creatures to bring to light the realities of life. The power of imagination of creativity mostly comes to life through literary works such as poems, stories, novels, articles, magazines and songs as well. Positive creativity is at all cost kind and gentle to oneself in contrast to the creativity that is negative.

Some imaginations enable one to reveal his or her thoughts and feelings to the world while there are those that end with the imaginations. In one’s hesitation in expressing imaginations, one shows lack of faith in oneself and the world.

Imagination can also be a good way to destress and overcome the anxieties of a competitive world. However, negative imagination or thought is perhaps the worrying element. When one negatively imagines, it tempts one and even attempt to make him fall into the evils of the world. The power of imagination plays a crucial role to educate and make children understand lessons and the outside world. When strong at imagining, one can paint and draw pictures of life with the beauty of the creatures such as the singing of birds, the glittering sky, the blooming of flowers, the green hill and many others.

As a result of this, we all need positive thinking for the better to be. Resist negative thinking for peace is the soul. To be mentally and spiritually strong, positive thinking is required. Do not allow negative thinking to overcome positive thinking, for this leads to life that’s miserable and pain. Be the change so that the change is to be followed on you. Live a life of possibilities, hope and a spirit of confidence.

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