UP plans Chakravyuh to keep third Covid wave at bay

Lucknow, June 22 (UNI): The Uttar Pradesh government has chalked out a Chakravyuh — a four-fold strategy of sanitation, sanitisation coupled with door-to-door supply of medical kits and setting up of PICU/NICU in every hospital by June end to combat a probable third wave of Covid-19.

The state government will implement a four-pronged strategy with a ‘S4 model’ in order to protect the children as a preventive measure against the third Covid-19 wave as predicted by the experts, officials here on Tuesday said.


First, prevention of illness and promotion of wellness through ‘sanitation’ and mass-scale cleanliness campaigns. Second, to curb the spread of Covid-19 infection and other communicable diseases through regular ‘sanitisation’, the third is to provide timely and effective treatment by ‘setting up PICU/NICU’ in every hospital by June end and fourth is ‘supply of special medicine kits’ with syrups and chewable tablets for children all across the state.

Preparations are on a war-footing to carry out special sanitation campaigns in each district to ensure health, sanitation and availability of clean drinking water under all local bodies and panchayats.

In addition, to stop the spread of Covid-19 infection and other communicable diseases across the state, the UP government will also conduct ‘Mass-scale Sanitisation Campaigns’ organised in coordination with the departments of urban development, rural development, panchayati raj and other institutions in which anti-larval chemicals and Sodium Hypochlorite will be sprayed in all districts to eliminate mosquito breeding and other vector-borne diseases.

With this, frequent mass-scale fogging will also be done. Besides, on the instructions issued by CM Yogi Adityanath, regular cleaning of water tanks, removal of garbage and cleaning of drains will be carried out.

Apart from this, additional teams have been constituted to undertake mass awareness campaigns all across the state to promote the usage of masks, frequent washing of hands and social-distancing measures. Under the campaign, the Authorities will conduct regular inspections to check breeding of mosquitoes and will ensure that all the pest-control measures are implemented thoroughly.

Under the ‘Corona Ki Jang Mein Har Jeevan Anmol’ campaign, the UP government will provide special medicine kits with syrups and chewable tablets for children all across the state from June 27.

The state has prepared over 71 lakh pamphlets-cum-envelopes in which the medical kits for children will be distributed which would include syrups and chewable tablets of lesser dosage than adults.

There are four kinds of kits — for children between 0-1 years, between 1-5 years, between 5-12 year olds and those aged between 12 and 18 years which will now be provided at the doorstep of every child showing influenza-like symptoms like cold and cough by over 4 lakh members of more than 60,569 surveillance committees constituted by the Yogi Government to curb Covid spread in rural areas.

After successfully eliminating the second wave of covid-19 infection, the state government has buckled up to tackle the possible third wave making foolproof arrangements including pediatric ICUs and Neonatal ICUs in every medical college and district hospitals by the end of June.

The work of setting up PICU/NICU is going on a war footing in all the district hospitals and CHCs to ensure there is no shortage of beds to treat the children if the situation arrives. SNCU (Sick Newborn Care Units) are also being established at maternity hospitals.

Action is also being taken to increase the minimum of 100 beds in every medical college of the state. The beds will be small in size and have railing on the sides. Severely infected children will be provided with treatment and oxygen.

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