VPP MLA wants uniform medical reimbursement

Shillong, June 28: VPP MLA Adelbert Nongrum has asked the government to have a uniform medical reimbursement for all categories of government employees and pensioners.

In a letter to Health Minister Ampareen Lyngdoh, the MLA said, “I request you to have uniformity in the reimbursement of medical claim for all categories of employees and pensioners irrespective of the office they hold.”


He also wanted the government not to create disparity in matters relating to health and well-being of the employees and pensioners.

He stressed the need of doing away with the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) rate to avoid the disparity.

Nongrum had raised the issue in the Assembly.

He said many serving government employees as well as those who have retired, who are aggrieved to the CGHS rate on the bills duly countersigned by DHS (MI) have petitioned the government to consider their case and for re-consideration of the rate as the rate recommended is too less.

According to the MLA, the excess amount that they have to bear for the medical treatment is a huge burden for them. Besides, the health issues they are confronted with, an extra burden has been put on them to meet the cost of the treatment.

Nongrum also expressed surprise over the stand of the government through the Expert Committee to consider the cases of only certain categories of employees, who are holding high positions or had held positions in office.

“The disparity speaks for itself, if sicknesses and diseases do not differentiate between individuals, yet when it comes to reimbursement a distinction or a class of its own has been created,” he said.

He said there is no provision in the MMA rules, 2021 for reimbursement at any certain percentages like 80% or 70%.

He added that there is no provision in the MMA rules, 2021 for an expert committee to review any specific cases relating to reimbursement issue.

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