VPP questions govt decision to reject CBI probe into coal trade

Shillong, Mar 8: The Voice of the People’s Party (VPP) on Tuesday alleged that the state government’s decision to withdraw consent to CBI investigation into illegal coal trade was to shield some of its members at the helm of affairs.

“The VPP is of the view that this decision of the Government to prevent CBI from conducting investigation in the State is either to shield some of its members at the helm of affairs or due to some other reasons understood only by those who are playing dirty games at the cost of others,” VPP general secretary Dr Ricky A J Syngkon said in a statement.


Stating that there was no clear reason cited for the withdrawal of consent, Syngkon said “what is even more puzzling” is that the present ruling combination in Meghalaya, is part and parcel of the NDA Government at the centre.

“The decision is sending a message to the people of the state that there is something hidden and that the government does not want to bring to light all the wrongs while working on an alibi or maybe the CBI which is a ‘premier investigating agency of India’ with a high conviction rate of 70.8% in 2010, 67% in 2011 and 69.83% in 2020 is not competent enough to handle the illegal case/s that are so ingrained in our state,” he added.

Meanwhile, the VPP also expressed its dismay at the appointments of consultants from outside the state in various departments who are paid hefty fees.

“Such decision amounts to demeaning and utter disregard to those officers who have been serving their respective departments for years and who understands the ground reality but deprived of carrying out their task without interference from those who know nothing,” Syngkon said, adding that the money should be paid to school teachers and ASHA workers who have been demanding for better pay.

“On the other hand, we hear about the government mentioning from time to time about financial crunch and to overcome it goes out to seek loans even from agencies outside the country at what cost no one knows. It would be prudent on the part of the government to have faith and trust in our own able local human resource and at the same time ensure timely payment to those who deserve and who do not have much alternatives to earn like some others,” Syngkon said.

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