VPP wants admission to be based on class 12 exams not CUET

Shillong, May 16: The VPP said the CUET fiasco inflicted upon the students who had to appear the exam at NEHU revealed lack of preparedness and sheer irresponsibility by the National Testing Agency, the state government and the NEHU administration.

It wanted the admission to be based on class 12 examinations and not CUET.


In a statement issued on Thursday, Dr. Rusievan Shangpliang, the VPP leader and member of the Media Cell said it was unfortunate that the students had to face the ordeal as there was no authority looking after their welfare. The students had to wait nearly three hours from the stipulated time to write their exam. The chaotic conduct of the examination subjected the students to great stress that might have affected their performance. The VPP had previously warned the state government on the matter inside and outside the Assembly. However it is regrettable that the state government and especially the education minister chose to remain unconcerned with the fate of the students and instead tried to play politics on the matter.

“Further, the college principals, as expressed in the media, did not even receive proper instructions from either the state government or NEHU on CUET implementation for admission. This lackadaisical attitude and action on the part of the authorities made the students as scapegoats. Further, it has come to our knowledge that many students in rural areas failed to register themselves for CUET due to the lack of awareness, right information and guidance”. In this context, the VPP demanded that the NEHU and the state government should not consider CUET for admission. Rather admission should be based on their class 12 examinations.

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