We the cause of pollution

The world is full of pollution

And no one is trying to improve,


Sometimes I don’t understand,

Such activities, how people approve?


Why are we dirtying the streets?

By throwing wrappers and tins,

Don’t we have common sense?

To throw them into bins.


Why are we polluting the air?

That’s not at all fair,

Why so much smoke and fume?

Why don’t we care?


Why are we polluting

Rivers, the homes of fish?

Why are we dumping there

Our leftover dish?


Why are we destroying Nature?

Who has given us all we need,

Now it’s really high time,

We all need to control our greed.


Let us all get together,

And save the Earth, our mother,

If we really lose her,

We will not get another.

Nayaab Suhel

Class IX, BSF Senior Secondary School

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