Youth Cong leader says Meghalaya lagging behind in development

Shillong, Dec 14: Youth Congress leader Junebirth C  Marak has alleged that Meghalaya is lagging behind in every aspect.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Marak said two months back the data released by NITI Aayog (five year plan) reported that Meghalaya’s performance is worse followed by Bihar and Jharkhand. The report indicates multi dimensional poverty index that includes poor medical performance as in every 10 childbirths, atleast 6 childrens are dying, which indicates poor medical conducts. Every government hospital lacks equipment and staff.


Sanitation: Personal hygiene plays a vital role in preventing illness. According to the data released by NITI Aayog , Meghalaya is poor in implementation. In every 100 households atleast 17 households are without sanitary system at home and open defecations are prevailing in both Garo and Khasi Hills regions.
Education: NITI Aayog marks Meghalaya as a poor performing state in education. The teachers’ attendance percentage in every government school is less than 40.

The teachers are also not provided with necessary aid to carry out day today task, such as, blackboard, fan, and proper roof to protect from sun and adverse weather conditions, Marak said.

The roads are not accessible for students and  teachers to reach the school and due to this  reason the attendance of the students is also extremely poor in rural areas.
“Conrad Sangma himself had said during the 2018 campaign that without upgrading the education system, there will be no development. Education was their main manifesto during the election. All these promises have been forgotten and the government is refusing to release scholarship fund for the students”, Marak said.

HM Shangpliang, former MlA and advisor of Education Minister Rakkam Sangma had stated that Rs.45 crore was sanctioned for the state for the scholarship grant.

“Having received the excess amount from the central government, our education minister Rakkam Sangma is still blaming the central government for not releasing fund, he added.. “December is the month for renewal of  scholarship, but still students are not receiving it. There are many students who come from villages and also from middle class families who often support themselves with the  scholarship but ‘our Chief Minister Conrad sangma is denying scholarship instead of releasing on time. So we can see here such is their top priority in education sector”, Marak said.

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