ACHIK wants equity & justice on roster system

Shillong, April 15: The A·chik Conscious Holistically Integrated Krima (ACHIK) has reiterated that its fight will continue till equity and justice is achieved on roster system.

In a statement issued on Saturday, Hamrash N Marak, the public relations secretary of the ACHIK Krima Council said ACHIK as a society has been organising and reaching out to the Achik people in Garo Hills and the movement has just started which is getting larger every day and till the realisation of a second capital in Tura and maintenance of equity and justice for A·chik people in case of Roster issue, the voices and echoes in the hills of Garo Hills shall not cease.


“As an organisation, we would like to make a statement that fighting for the deserved rights of A·chiks cannot be termed greedy”, Marak said.

The person who made the statement of terming the A·chik nation and ACHIK greedy probably has not read the dictionary and the meaning of equity and justice, he said.

The verdict of roster system by the High Court was given because the HC found the discrepancies in the implementation of job reservation policy in the state, Marak said.

“The ACHIK demands for what is right and the rights of our community and nothing more. It is the duty of the government to repay for the injustice done to A·chiks for more than 50 years”, Marak said.

According to ACHIK, it must be understood that no community can be suppressed, marginalised and deprived of their rights for years and ‘cannot expect the community to fight back, and Achik community is no less than any’.

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