Clans agree to equitable distribution of property

Shillong, April 15: Many clans have supported the demand for amendment of the Meghalaya Succession to Self Acquired Property (Khasi and Jaintia Special Provision) Act, 1986 to enable equitable distribution of property.

The need to amend the Meghalaya Succession to Self Acquired Property Khasi and Jaintia Special Provision Act 1986 to include ancestral property besides inserting  equitable distribution of property in the Act was raised by four pressure groups-Maitshaphrang, KSU, FKJGP and HNYF.


Maitshaphrang Convener Michael Syiem said a meeting was  held with the different clans at Jaiaw Shyiap community hall here on Saturday.

The meeting was part of their campaign to ensure that state government brings  necessary amendment to the Act.

The objective of the amendment is to ensure ‘equitable’ or ‘fair and just’ distribution of property among siblings in the matrilineal society.

“The clans who attended the meeting today have expressed support to our demand and they have informed that they will be organising  similar meetings within their clans to discuss the issue before taking a final decision on the matter,” Syiem told reporters.

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