Ampareen cautions AITC for criticising govt

Shillong, Oct 13: Suspended Congress Legislature Party leader Ampareen Lyngdoh on Thursday wanted All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) to be cautious while criticising the MDA government as the party in West Bengal is in turmoil.

Lyngdoh, who is supporting the MDA government, told reporters that as the state from where the AITC stems is in a lot of turmoil and controversy, it should be cautious while  pointing finger at a party in another state.


“Be careful when you point your fingers at others,” she said.

Lyngdoh said the petty politics being played by the AITC will not work in Meghalaya.

“What is the kind of population that will be exposing themselves to these messages? Is it going to be so big? Is it really going to be affecting a man walking in the street who doesn’t even afford a smartphone? So who are you hurling those accusations at or those messages at? Are you going to be talking to an elite that already knows what is going around so it depends on them and their wisdom, they can continue to do what they like but this petty politics is not going to work in Meghalaya in my opinion because the common man walking on the streets actually doesn’t know what they are talking about but when you look at what is happening in West Bengal you are going to say oh my gosh what is going on so it’s like that,” she added.

Decision to scrap Gaming Act hailed 

Ampareen also hailed the government’s decision to listen to the voice of the people by finally scrapping the Meghalaya Regulation of Gambling Act (MRGA), 2021.

According to Ampareen, she was the first to propose amendments when the Gaming Bill was introduced in the Assembly last year.

“It was I who rose in the House to propose amendments and beg not to move the Gaming Bill but at that time public probably did not understand it,” she said.

“I have done my part so I stand happy because the government has listened to my voice, not just me, other members also rose in the House to discuss the Gaming Bill. I am thankful to those members also. Many members also rose from my party at that time to talk about it”, Ampareen said.

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