Ampareen doubts revamp of Congress

Shillong, Oct 20: Suspended Congress leader Ampareen Lyngdoh doubted any revamp in the Congress even after the election of the party president.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, she said it is better to gracefully leave the Congress while the going is good.


She also expressed disappointment at the manner in which the presidential election was held and the controversies that followed.

According to Lyngdoh, if a very senior Congressman like Shashi Tharoor sees that there has been some deviation from the prescribed norms, then she would go with him because she knows him personally.

Tharoor lost the race after he was defeated by Mallikarjun Karge.

Stating that everybody was expecting that there will be a general revamping of the Congress from the top, the East Shillong MLA however said, “But when you look at what is being discussed in the news how much of it is true and how much of it is false but it just boils down to a single line looks like we are crashing down further.”

Doubting that the whole situation would give the Congress a good image, Lyngdoh said that people like her who are still in the Congress only get reconfirmed that maybe it is time to move on as there is no other way out or no other option.

“As much as we love the Congress, as much as we respect the Congress for its ideologies but when these kinds of controversies come to the forefront then we who are already one leg outside would like to leave gracefully while the going is good. Sad but it is a fact,” she said.

“When I look at Rajasthan and I see the drama happening in Rajasthan, it is very worrisome. State after state after state we see the degeneration of the Congress, the erstwhile grand old party and we have no choice but to say that we will leave while the going is good.”

When asked, the suspended CLP leader said, “The revamping that is done is now being questioned and scrutinised then you have to worry whether we still have that ground to revamp anything because I see more and more seniors are going away and it is very disheartening, it is very depressing and I would think a lot more has to be done to see that revamping take shape on the ground.”

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