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Assam Civil Service officer in police custody in DA case

Guwahati, August 25 (UNI): Assam Civil Service (ACS) officer Saibur Rahman was sent to six-day police custody in case related to possessing disproportionate assets without any known source of income.

ACS officer Rahman was arrested by the Chief Minister’s Special Vigilance Cell, Assam following investigation that ascertained that he allegedly amassed wealth disproportionate to his known sources of income.


The CM’s Vigilance Cell informed that Rahman owns properties worth over Rs 100 crores, which were “registered in either his or one of his two wives’ names”.

“The accused, being a public servant, is in possession of disproportionate assets which is a criminal misconduct for owning assets that are out of sync with his legal sources of income, accruing wealth while occupying a public office and is in possession of disproportionate assets. Further, he was also unable to satisfactorily account for how he could amass the pecuniary resources, assets or properties disproportionate to his known sources of income,” SP of CM’s Vigilance Cell said.

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