Bernard flays KC Boro for criticising state BJP president

Shillong,June 13: BJP MDC from Tura, Bernard Marak has warned BJP leader KC Boro of legal action.

In a statement issued on Sunday, Marak said that Boro’s criticism against the BJP state president Ernest Mawrie will not be tolerated by Garo Hills BJP.


“Boro should refrain from giving irresponsible statements or else he will be dragged to the court. Boro, who was expelled from the party for his anti-party activities has harmed the party’s image in his constituency and now he tries to defame the centrally approved state president”, Marak said.

He said with him more members are being listed by Garo Hills BJP as preparation for 2023 is on.

“The new team will prove its victory in Boro’s seat. Many of these people worked for money and self interest that is why BJP was losing in the past. This time things will be different and BJP will win more seats”, Marak said.

According to the BJP leader, they never raised genuine issues which are affecting the public other than attacking the party leadership.

“The list is being submitted by the district in-charges and district committees regarding all pseudo BJP members who are agents of other political parties and they will all be removed in days to come”, Marak said.

Bernard said the BJP state president Ernest Mawrie is a straight forward leader, whose post was approved by the party high command.

He is working hard to strengthen the party in the state but many leaders, instead of supporting him, are criticising him.

“These people are more into using BJP name for their own profit while some join the party only to get ticket and win elections but after winning they ignore the party leadership and party principle”, he said.

Bernard asserted that the BJP Garo Hills will not tolerate pseudo members and will ask the state president to expel all those who are involved in anti- party activities, including those who are making profit using party’s name.


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