BJP determined to install a party CM after polls

Shillong, Feb 19: The BJP is determined to have a party Chief Minister in Meghalaya after the February 27 Assembly polls.
Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Sunday told reporters that the next chief minister will be from the BJP
“Chief Minister will be from the BJP. CM should be from the BJP,” Sarma said in response to a question if the BJP will have a post poll alliance with the NPP.
When pointed out that the BJP needs majority¬† to have a party CM, Sarma said, ” Chief Minister should be and will be from BJP”.
To a question whether the BJP will rope in other parties to install a party CM, Sarma said, “My only hope and I belive that after this election, whether the BJP will join any alliance or no alliance, it will depend on the outcome of the result, but this time, chief minister should be from the BJP”.
He said it is for the people of Meghalaya to take action against corruption by the MDA government.
“You see, we have come to the people’s court, it is for the people of Meghalaya to take action not for central government. It is for the people of Meghalaya to take action, so democracy is all about people,” Sarma added.
To a question, Sarma said he does not want to comment on the statement of Union Home Minister that Meghalaya is a corrupt state.
He added that under a good leadership, Meghalaya will be more prosperous than Assam.
On Meghalaya CM downplaying the BJP’s allegations as election statements, the Assam chief minister, however, said, “You see what we are trying to say is that central government has sanctioned money for the projects like construction of medical college in Tura, Shillong and everywhere but where are the medical colleges in Meghalaya?
Now we want to see those things physically. If it is not physically running then it is for a government of Meghalaya to give answer to the people that why it is not there.”
“We are not alleging anything we are just asking where money has gone, so kindly answer where the medical colleges disappear. You just explain to it,” he said.
Religious tolerance 
When asked his party’s stand on conversion, the Assam chief minister said his government had already clarified that the letter related to churches in Assam was a false document.
“That letter was not officially issued by government of Assam. It was a false fabricated attempt letter. My stand is very clear, in Assam every religion lives peacefully. Definitely, the same applies to Meghalaya,” he said and claimed that Assam is the most peaceful state in India.

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