Blasting of coke plants start in Shallang area

Shillong, July 9: The blasting of chimneys of coke oven plants in Shallang area, West Khasi Hills, has started.

The state is under pressure from the High Court of Meghalaya to take action against illegal coke plants which use illegally mined coal.


An official source said on Sunday that recently many arrests of the owners of coke oven plants  were made by the police.

Following the arrest, the district administration has given orders to dismantle the plants.

The administration is expected to dismantle the entire 47 coke oven plants by July 20.

According to the official,  while some got single window clearance, others got consent to establish but they are yet to get consent to operate.

Once the plants  are demolished, they will not be able to use illegal coal.

The government views that to  curb illegal coal mining and its transportation, the best way is to stop its use in coke oven plants.

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