‘Breakaway Cong group destructive to party: Ampareen

Shillong, Dec  17: The Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader Ampareen Lyngdoh has said the breakaway group of 12 MLAs, who defected to the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC), was very destructive to the Congress.

“This drama of the breakaway group has to come to a sudden death at some point of time. Don’t keep fueling it, it doesn’t make sense to fuel  which is destructive in itself,” Lyngdoh told reporters on Friday.


“The nature of the move was very destructive. We feel very defeated and very betrayed,” she added.

Lyngdoh was reacting to the request made by the former chief minister Mukul Sangma to the remaining five Congress legislators to also join the AITC.

She said that the TMC and the Congress were supposed to be a united opposition to fight an onslaught that is attacking secularism, individuality and local identities.

“But today we see the sudden ambition is blinding them (12 MLAs) instead of unanimously fighting a common enemy, they have made enemies among ourselves,” Lyngdoh stated.

She said that is why the Congress has decided to partner with the NPP-led MDA government as it is no longer anybody’s enemy or slave.

When asked how will the Congress ensure unity of the five MLAs, Lyngdoh however said,”The media should stop this feeling of insecurity again because this feeling of insecurity that is being generated through narratives will not be good for the public. We need to be on the same page. Right now after two years of bashing from the pandemic let us pick up the pieces together, let us work forward and see how we can help the people.” 

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