Cabinet ignored Hek’s plea to include Jaintia in state anthem: BJP

Shillong, Jan 22: The state BJP has expressed concern over the exclusion of Jaintia language from the newly composed Meghalaya anthem, which was released to mark the 52nd Meghalaya Day.

“Those who have heard the anthem or read its lyrics would know that Jaintia is conspicuous by its absence, while Khasi and Garo have been used along with English”, the chief spokesperson of the BJP M Kharkrang said on Monday


According to the state BJP, it is important to note that during the cabinet meeting that was convened to give a final approval to the lyrics, the sole BJP member in Meghalaya cabinet, AL Hek was firm in his view that no state anthem can be made public without the use of Jaintia language and the composers must rewrite the song. However, his repeated objections and suggestions were ignored by the other members present at the meeting.

Kharkrang said, “It’s truly unfortunate that a major language of the state has been left out. We do not know if the omission was by design or by accident, what we do know, is that the lyrics must be added to and this time using Jaintia. We demand immediate course correction so that all sections are represented and no one’s sentiment is hurt. Khasi, Garo and Jaintia communities united to create this state – our shared history, unified struggles and collective journey must find reflection in whatever represents Meghalaya”.

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