Call to implement central housing project

Shillong, March 10: The AITC legislator from Umroi, George Lyngdoh has asked the state government to ensure that the families are not deprived of AWAAS+.

AWAAS+ is a central housing project.


In reply, theĀ  Community & Rural Development Minister Hamlet Dohling cited technical issues, problem of internet connectivity and failing to get timely communication as reasons for some families not being included under the AWAAS+.

Lyngdoh said this is the problem of the department and that this is a clear violation of the rights of these families.

“How can technical issues be an issue for people not to be included? I feel very sad and I urge the minister to look into the matter as thousands of familes are being deprived due to this,” he added.

Dohling informed that he had taken up with the union minister concerned on the matter to include these households already identifed.

“The union minister had replied in December, last year stating that the matter is being taken up with the concerned department for consideration,” he said.

A total of 1,59,237 unts/households have been shortlisted/included under AWAAS+.

Out of the total surveyed households, the targets were identified for the state in the financial year 2021-22, he said.

Currently, the job card mapping, priority setting, registration and sanctioning are in process.

He said the total number of units/households identified but not surveyed/uploaded for inclusion in AWAAS+ is 7,851.

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