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Celebrating a century of inclusivity through Mann Ki Baat

As we celebrate the 100th episode of Mann ki Baat, it is essential to reflect on the impact of this popular programme on the nation per se.

Launched in 2014, none could have imagined the magnanimity which Mann ki Baat has reached over the years, from its first episode, when it began as a platform for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to directly address the citizens and discuss various issues of national and social importance, making it a mass media programme in these years.


Over the years, Mann ki Baat has touched upon several topics, ranging from health and education to cleanliness and national security. However, one theme that has been consistent throughout the show is inclusivity. Through this programme of developing connectivity with the masses, the Prime Minister has consistently inspired the nation to grow on the road of development by embracing diversity and promoting inclusivity.

One of the most significant ways in which Mann ki Baat has touched upon inclusivity is by highlighting the achievements of people from different walks of life. In several episodes, the Prime Minister has spoken about the successes of individuals from marginalized communities, such as women, tribals, and the differently-abled. By doing so, he has not only recognized their contributions but has also encouraged others to emulate their achievements.

In the 90th episode of Mann ki Baat, the Prime Minister spoke about Divyang (disabled) people who have excelled in different fields. He cited examples of Sumit Antil, a Paralympic gold medalist, and Nisha Gupta, a visually-impaired IAS officer, to inspire people to overcome their limitations and strive for excellence.

The programme on the last day of every month has also been instrumental in promoting inclusivity by highlighting the government’s initiatives for the welfare of marginalized communities.

Another way in which Mann ki Baat has promoted inclusivity is by urging people to embrace diversity and respect different cultures and traditions. In several episodes, the Prime Minister has spoken about the importance of unity in diversity and urged people to celebrate different festivals and traditions.

The idea of promoting inclusivity can further be reflected through this programme, when the Prime Minister urged people to embrace technology and innovation.

From Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, to organic farming, to sustainable agriculture, through education and interactive session with students from varied backgrounds, Mann ki Baat has touched every aspect of society and has played a pivotal role in promoting social and cultural awareness among the citizens, besides highlighting the country’s rich cultural heritage and encouraging people to preserve and promote it.

Mann ki Baat is today a powerful tool of connectivity that has brought the Prime Minister closer to the citizens of the country. The programme has been instrumental in breaking down the barriers between the government and the people and creating a sense of unity and inclusivity among the citizens. Through this programme, the Prime Minister has directly communicated with the citizens, understood their problems and concerns, recognized their achievements, and inspired them to take up initiatives for their welfare and development.

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