Celebrating Seng-kut snem amid pandemic

Swettymon Rynjah

‘Seng’ means an organisation of Seng Khasi Kmie, Mawkhar, Shillong ‘kut snem’ gives the meaning of year ending of the working of this organisation which is its anniversary day. It has been celebrated every year on November 23.


The 16 founding members who have established this organisation have also formulated a report of all financial accounts of the receipts and expenditures of the organization to be placed to the dorbar pyllun of the Seng Khasi, to make known to all its members and representatives of allits branches.

Such is their thought for the principle of transparency that is a part of the principles laid down for our organisation. Not only in this dorbar pyllun but the Secretary published the approved statement in the earliest newspaper of Khasi called ‘U Nong Pynim’.

Therefore, the basic principle of ‘Earning Righteousness’ have been in their mind, thoughts and actions, as a practice. Let’s hope and pray for their guidance and enlightenment in this aspect as members of this organisation to steer clear of all the blemishes and blames of dishonesty, human weakness, whims and caprice of human facilitates while working with it. May the Almighty Creator guide us in this respect in the coming days on wards

This year, Seng Khasi will celebrate the Seng-kut snem on November 23, in a limited performance, reducing its programmes, because of the pandemic and as a prevention of its spread and in response to mandatory provisions of our administration. This is a possibility, since right from this inception, we have a saying coined in Khasi ym don u ban long halor ia ka Bishar- khadar equating with ‘Nobody is above the Law’.

As a message for this occasion, lets us all remember to pray for the omnipotence of the supreme creator to wade off this calamity of the virus from our homeland, our mother land and our universe, with a solemn pledge to live and led-live in peace, harmony and mutual co-existence.

Happy Seng-kut snem to one and all!

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