Citizens come together for peace

Shillong, Nov 28: A group of citizens came together on Monday to hold a peace meeting following the violence in the city over the firing at Mukroh in West Jaintia Hills that killed six, including five villagers from Meghalaya.

Angela Rangad, who is the candidate for KAM Meghalaya from South Shillong, and Agnes Kharshiing, social activist and president of CSWO, along with several prominent citizens came together to offer a platform to the common man to speak about the experiences of love, hate, despair, rejection, hope and dreams. Stories were aplenty, pain enormous, solutions a few and divided, that is how the “democratic discussion” happened.


As Kharshiing opened the discussion with the introductory speech, Rangad took it forward followed by Kyrsoibor Pyrtuh, the KAM Meghalaya candidate from North Shillong, The meeting began by offering condolences to the six people who were killed in the firing by Assam Police in Mukroh, Meghalaya. Kyrsoibor Pyrtuh of KAM Meghalaya outlined the contours of the recent violence and connected it to the rising intolerance in society.

There were 10 speakers from among the audience who represented various communities and who spoke about personal experience, the experience of the community and the way ahead.

Among the speakers were SK Choudhury from Rilbong, Phyllis Rani from Laban, Jasbir Singh from the Sikh community and Roshmi Goswami, an activist.

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