CM lays base for water, road projects in New Shillong, land reclamation initiative in Marten

Shillong, Mar 11: Chief Minister Conrad Sangma laid foundation for three major projects -the New Shillong Water Supply Scheme, land reclamation project at the Waste Processing and Disposal site at Marten:  Mawlai and the construction of internal roads within the New Shillong Township at Mawkhanu, Mawpdang.

Deputy Chief Minister Sniawbhalang Dhar, PHE Minister Marcuise Marak Health Minister Ampareen Lyngdoh and Chief Secretary D.P Wahlang graced the inaugural ceremony, which was held at Mawkhanu, Mawpdang.


Speaking on the occasion, Conrad  said, “It is encouraging to see a positive response in the turnout of people and also the mobilisation for the celebration of a momentous program. These three initiatives that have been initiated today, brings the state a step closer to the larger vision that this Government has for the State”.

Informing that the New Shillong Water Supply Project, amounting to Rs. 1600 crore is one of the biggest ever state funded projects, the Chief Minister said, “The New Shillong Water Supply Scheme is one of the largest projects to be undertaken in the history of the State. The project has been allocated 1,600 crores of rupees of which close to 500 crore has been released for the first phase and is targeted for completion within 36 months”.

The New Shillong Water Supply Scheme will cater to the requirement of water supply for Shillong and New Shillong Township covering institutions, office establishments, and 32 villages/habitations with the current population of 29,889. This initiative anticipates serving a growing population, with projections of 198,997 people by 2042, and an ultimate population of 413,701 people in 2057.

On the construction of internal roads within the new Shillong Township, the Chief Minister said that the roads are being developed for Mawkhanu at the cost of Rs 185 crore

He also informed of the ongoing several roads within the New Shillong Township to address the issue of connectivity, roads worth Rs 343 crore are in progress in the new township, including Ummir to Mawkhanu and Kynoton to Lyngkien, Bellefonte to new township, Diengpasoh road to Shillong bypass, and Bribah Mawpat to new township.

In phase 2 of the roads, 16.6 km roads with 15m width and 3.2 km of 2-lane roads with 7.5m width are proposed at a total cost of Rs 185 crore. These roads are expected to be completed by the end of 2026.

On land reclamation project at the Waste Processing and Disposal Site at Marten, Mawlai, the Chief Minister said, “Waste that has been accumulating at the area is a concern for not just the residents in the area but for the people of the State. We will convert the legacy waste into products, which can be used or reused and recycled”.

He said that the project will be completed within 12 to 18 months. “The dump yard will be converted into something that the public could use and appreciate and the same model can be replicated in other towns of the State,” he added.

He also said that the government has laid a roadmap to further the progress and development of the state to foster a positive change for the people. “MDA government is working with a clear vision and a roadmap to foster the state to new heights within the next 10, 25 and even 50 years”, he stressed.

“Next four years will be a defining moment for the state and its people. The New Shillong township which includes the Knowledge City and the Administrative city has been allocated a budget of  Rs 10,000 crore for development, which in turn will churn about 50,000 new job vacancies,” the Chief Minister added.

Informing on the ambitious vision of the central government on establishing eight new townships through the country, the Chief Minister said that Meghalaya’s New Shillong Township on consideration by the Government of India will receive an additional grant of Rs 500 crore

He further informed that all interventions of the government are linked with the ambitious vision of the state to achieve the target of 10 billion US dollar economy and increase the per capita income of the people.

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