CM opens Meghalaya Rafting event at Umtham

Shillong, July 7: Chief Minister Conrad  Sangma officially launched the “Meghalaya Rafting” event on Friday at Whitewater Village, Umtham, in Ri-Bhoi district, with the aim of promoting rafting in the state.

The Ri-Bhoi Water Sports and Tourism Cooperative Society and the Meghalaya Canoe Association have been actively promoting the sport in Umtham village and engaging with the government. Recognizing the potential of rafting, the government has now initiated the “Meghalaya Rafting” programme.


Umtham village has hosted numerous national and international events organized by the Ri-Bhoi Water Sports and Tourism Cooperative Society and the Meghalaya Canoe Association to popularise the sport. Local youth, both boys and girls, have been trained in rafting and are now participating in various national and international events.

The Megha Kayak Fest held in Umtham has gained international acclaim. The picturesque natural beauty of Umtham and its river has been highly appreciated, and the local organisations aspire to develop the course as the world’s most thrilling perennial slalom course.

During the launch event, the chief minister commended the efforts of the team that pioneered rafting and canoeing activities in the area. He assured the organisations promoting the sport that the government would extend full support to elevate and promote rafting to new heights.

“As a government, we believe in promoting innovative ideas and interventions. Rafting in Umtham has tremendous potential, and it is our responsibility to ensure that we support and go the extra mile to leverage this exciting sport, which will not only empower our youth but also attract global attention,” the chief minister said.

Highlighting the potential of rafting and the passion of the state’s young enthusiasts, the chief minister expressed confidence that they would bring laurels to Meghalaya in the future. The government of Meghalaya is committed to scientifically developing talented sportspeople in the coming years.

Regarding the promotion of Umtham as a tourist destination, the chief minister emphasised its enormous potential and pledged to address immediate challenges, improve network connectivity, and explore infrastructure enhancements. He further assured that Umtham would be developed as a tourism circuit, with the government introducing programmes that enhance the overall experience for visiting tourists.

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