‘Commission on Cherish dies a natural death’

Shillong, Nov 26: Annoyed over the delay by  the state government to give extension, the chairman of the inquiry commission, Justice (retd) T Vaiphei, examining the death of former HNLC leader Cherishstarfield Thangkhiew on August 13, said the ‘panel has died a natural death’

“The commission had sought extension for further hearing as there were many documents submitted by both the parties and these will have to be examined but nothing came from the government till now, hence I can say that it has died a natural death, Vaiphei, said on Friday before leaving the office of the Meghalaya Human Rights Commission.


Vaiphei,who is also the chairman of human rights commission, had fixed a hearing at the office on Friday but nobody turned up.

After the government on August 20 notified the one-man inquiry commission giving a deadline of three months to complete the probe, it had a few sittings since September. The commission sought the extension as the duration of three months was not sufficient to complete the probe.

Both the parties had submitted  several affidavits and counter affdavits.

When contacted, an official with the political department said the file related to the extension is with the government.

Sources said since the officials dealing with the matter are busy with cherry blossom festival, the decision is pending.

Vaiphei leaves the office of the commission of inquiry on Friday (MM)


The terms of reference included the need to hold the inquiry into the circumstances leading to the police action on August 13 resulting in the death of Thangkhiew.

The commission has been asked to give a fact finding report as to the culpability or otherwise of the police action resulting in the death of Thangkhiew.

The notification for inquiry had said many complaints have been received by the state government alleging unnatural circumstances leading to the death of Thangkhiew and the public grievances and anguish due to these complaints and allegations have caused widespread disruption of public order and have become a matter of public importance.

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