Concern over Ao branding BJP as weak in Meghalaya

Shillong, Apr 17: In response to a statement  of M Chuba Ao, who is in-charge of BJP Meghalaya, that since the party in the state is weak and hence did not put up candidates in Shillong and Tura, a  BJP leader from Garo Hills, who does not wish to be named, said that the irresponsible statement was unfortunate and undesirable from a responsible leader of the party like Ao.

According to him, if the BJP is weak in Meghalaya, then the in-charge is weaker and  because of this, the party is becoming weaker instead of becoming stronger.


The BJP leader also wanted to know why Ao is silent over the unwanted and insulting election speech of Mahendraganj MLA from NPP Sanjay Sangma who said that the Hajongs, Koches, etc. and the Hindus did not have any place to vote other than NPP because they (NPP) switched off the BJP candidate. This is very insulting and sentimental too not only for those communities as mentioned by the MLA  but also for the BJP. “This is really strange that even our BJP state president Mr. Rikam Momin is also silent on the matter”.

In line with Tura MDC and BJP vice president Bernard Marak, the BJP leader reiterated that the MLA must admit his mistake and tender  public apology.

According to the BJP leader, because of the  speech, the NPP has been affected badly.

The  BJP leader also said giving up both the seats by the Central BJP leaders for the NPP is a blunder and for which the BJP in Meghalaya may suffer long.

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