Concern over drug abuse in city

Shillong, Oct 16: Health Minister Ampareen Lyngdoh visited the Wellness Centre at Nongmensong on Monday.

An official statement said during the visit, it became evident that there is an urgent need to upgrade the facilities at the Wellness Centre due to the importance of the interventions required in the area.


She was accompanied by the MDC of the constituency Fantin J Lakadong, DHS Dr R. Allya, DM&HO Dr Shakina Lyngdoh as well as the Dorbar and the executive committee members, including Ashas. It was noticed that, in recent years, much like in other localities and areas around Shillong city, there is a pressing need to address the growing drug problems in and around the city of Shillong. In Nongmensong, there was also a felt need to stimulate discussions on health and drug-related issues.

Furthermore, it was observed that the Wellness Centre had sufficient staff, a doctor with dual responsibilities from Rynjah attended to the residents’ needs in the area. Additionally, there is a need to increase vaccination coverage for minors, especially those who missed their doses during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has been decided that vaccination coverage, currently around 57% in the entire area, will be intensified. Furthermore, the Wellness Centre must also address the increasing cases of non-communicable diseases, Ampareen said.. There was a consensus that tuberculosis should be addressed on a larger scale, with a focus on raising awareness among the citizens so that they understand that tuberculosis is now a treatable disease, she added.

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