Cong questions 10-year regime of BJP

Shillong, Feb 28: The Congress has questioned the style of governance of the BJP-led goverment at the Centre for the last 10 years.

Full text of the press statement issued by Advocate Mathew Antony, National Spokesperson and National Media Coordinator, North East India , Ronnie V Lyngdoh, Leader of Opposition, Government of Meghalaya and Saleng A Sangma, Chief Whip of the Opposition, Government of Meghalaya & Sanjay Das, General Secretary Meghalaya PCC


“We are at the last few months of the second term of the Narendra Modi led BJP government, the most corrupt government, which will be known in the history as the most unjust government that rolled out injustices, one after another to the people of India. We call it as the 10 years of injustice.
The major injustices met to the people of India are on these fronts
Economic injustice.
Social injustice.
Political injustice.
Economic injustice
Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised 2 crores of employment per year as a promise to get elected in the power. In actuals, the unemployment in India is at an all time high. With the latest released data, the unemployment rate amongst the graduates, post graduates and the Phd’s are around 33.6%. The rate of unemployment is at an all time high of 44% amongst the age group of 20-24 years.
During the UPA government we provided 75 lakh job per year till 2012 and the BJP government has not been able to provide only 29 lakh jobs per year till 2022.
Rampant privatization and contractualization of regular jobs have given way for unfilled government jobs. Why this injustice is made to the youth of India. The UPA government have demonstrated employment generation in a consistent manner against the false lies and promises of the Modi government.
Price Rise
The BJP made street dramas in the name of the people when the LPG gas prices were around 290 to 400 Rs per cylinder in 2012-2014. What is the LPG price now, it is between 900 to 1100 per cylinder.
In 2014 petrol was at 71 Rs per liter and we are at 97 Rs, Diesel at 55 Rs per liter and now at 86 Rs.
In 2014 potato per kilo at 16 Rs and we are between 40 and 50 Rs per kg.
In 2014 onion at 10 to 20 Rs per kg and we are between 50 to 80 Rs per kg.

What are your education fees for your children?
What is your health care cost now?
What is your GST pay out now?
After all this, what are the savings left with the ordinary people?
Isn’t this a gross injustice to the ordinary people of India. Have BJP leaders have gone to amnesia. Are the BJP leaders no longer worried about the pain in the life of the ordinary people. Are the BJP leaders so much obsessed with power and corruption, that the pain of the ordinary people is no longer a concern.
Farmers Protests
Two years back 700 farmers were killed by the BJP led government’s rule when they protested against the three black laws.
When they are protesting against the unfulfilled promises by the BJP government, their protests are trying to be stopped with nails on the roads, tear gas and pellets.
Is this how we treat our Annadadas. Is the BJP mindset so cruel and arrogant towards the requirement of the farmers.
We want to expose the emptiness in the Prime Minister’s intent and motive, when it comes to real issues.
The congress party leader Rahul Gandhi has promised an MSP to the farmers, as soon as we are elected into office in 2024.

Social injustice

Crimes against SC, STs and OBC’s have increased by 48% in 2022. BJP believes in exclusivity and they insult the lower caste and ignores them of all privileges. Whereas the Congress has promised to do the caste census that will bring social, economic and political justice to the SC,STs and OBCs.
Crimes against women have increased to the levels of 31516 registered rape cases in 2022. It is to the tune of 86 rape cases per day. Every one remembers the way the PM Modi and the entire BJP raised voices in concern for women’s safety during the Nirbhaya matter. Where are those concerns now. Or that too was a drama to conquer power. We state that BJP doesn’t bother about women’s security.
The rape convicts of Bilkis Banoo have been given jail relief by the BJP government.
Minority persecution
The right extreme wings in the North Eastern side of India have been aggressively escalating the minority persecution in the area.
386 religious institutions vandalized. 70000 people are displaced from their homes. FCRA approval has been cancelled for many Christian institutions across the North East which is affecting their existence.
The recent actions of the BJP and its state governments are shaking the confidence of the entire ST community of their ST status and reservations which are frequently being challenged to be excluded due to them being the Christian Minority.
The very culture of respecting the diversity, ethnicity and indigenous history of the tribals were well respected by the UPA and the Congress from the time of independence by giving them special provisions through the 6th schedule of the constitution.
Don’t we need to raise the voice for the people of North East, the different tribes of Meghalaya to preserve their ethnic identity and culture. It is only the Congress who can be trusted here.
Manipur Conflict is a warning to the entire North East.
170 people died so far in the last 9 months in Manipur. The tribals are fighting and the state has gone to the hands of insurgents, where the state government has no voice or power left.
The Prime Minister has time to negotiate peace in Ukraine, has opinions and participation in the Israel and Palestine issue, He has time to travel across the world, across India for election campaigns. Yet the Prime Minister has no time for Manipur, nor any interest to ensure peace in Manipur.
Is the Prime Minister blind. How long he will pretend to ignore. Or the Prime Minister wants the local tribals to fight amongst themselves and to live in distress.
When this happened during the regime of Congress, the then Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh visited Manipur and built trust and confidence amongst all stake holders to build peace. It is only Congress that can deliver peace in Manipur.
It is also a warning to the people of Manipur that, if the BJP allows a state that is of tribals to be destroyed like this, what stops them from allowing such things happening in other North Eastern states.
Political Injustice.
The BJP butchered the independence of the judiciary, the election commission, the central investigative agencies and the independence of the media. The government has become so fascist and dictatorial in their approach, where a non co operation with the government will end up with revenge and vengeance amounting to raids, jail terms and much more punitive ways.
The elected governments and the democratic process in the country has been completely insulted and the constitution has been completely ignored in the day to day running of the government.
When they don’t have the basic numbers to make a candidate win, why do they even put up a candidate and trying to destroy the elected governments by sheer abuse of power.The recent Rajya Sabha elections are a visible example, as well as the engineered split of Shiv Sena , NCP and the coalition government in Maharashtra.
The verdict of the Hon Supreme Court calling the electoral bond an unconstitutional one is a glaring example of their ignorance of the constitution and the respect for democracy.
The freezing of the Congress accounts and constant attempts to destroy the opposition led governments are only proving their aggressive signs of dictatorship.
This is the time for the people of India to raise their voice and choose their representatives and the Congress Party as their choice to have a balanced peaceful and a progressive country”

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