Cong targets PM for Rahul’s disqualification

Shillong, March 29: The Congress on Wednesday questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi following the disqualification of party leader Rahul Gandhi.

Several Congress leaders addressed journalists at Congress Bhavan here expressing concern over the matter and seeking answers.


Below is the full unedited statement of  Bobbeeta Sharma, Vice- President & Senior Spokesperson Assam PCC & AICC Media Coordinator, R V Lyngdoh, MLA & CLP leader, Sanjay Das General Secretary,MPCC,  Charles Marnger MLA.

“PM Modi is willing to destroy Democracy in order to Save his “Param Mitr” Adani !

Shri Rahul Gandhi has been targeted because he asked Modi ji about Adani!

Indian National Congress will do everything to SAVE DEMOCRACY!

➢ On February 7th, 2023 – Shri Rahul Gandhi asked 2 simple questions on the Adani Mega Scam in his speech in the Parliament –

1. Rs. 20,000 crore or 3 billion dollars are in shell companies owned by Adani. Adani could not have generated this money. He is in the infrastructure business, where did this money come from? Whose money, is it? Whose shell companies are these? These companies are working in the Defence field. Why does nobody know? Whose money is this? There is a Chinese national involved in this. Why is nobody asking the question, who is this Chinese national? That was the first question.

2. What is the Prime Minister’s relationship with Adani? Shri Rahul Gandhi showed the picture of PM Modi in Mr. Adani’s plane, relaxing. He gave documentation about the Defence industry, about the airports, about statements made in Sri Lanka, about statements made in Bangladesh, pictures of Mr. Narendra Modi sitting with the State Bank (of India) Chairman in Australia who reportedly sanctioned $1 Billion loan to Adani. That was the second set of questions, with proof.

➢ Just 9 days after Shri Rahul Gandhi’s speech in Parliament on Adani’s scam, the defamation case against him was revived. Very specific references to Adani Scam from Congress President Shri Mallikarjun Kharge’s speech in Rajya Sabha and Shri Rahul Gandhi’s speech (almost entirely) was expunged from Parliament’s records.

➢ In the ongoing second half of the Budget session of the Parliament, for the first time in the history of India a Ruling party – the BJP is disrupting the Parliament and not letting it function. This is a DIVERSIONARY tactic to SAVE ADANI. While a United Opposition wants a JPC (Joint Parliamentary Committee) on the same.

➢ Shri Rahul Gandhi was attacked by BJP Ministers and denied an opportunity to speak in Parliament despite three requests to the Speaker, including two written requests and one meeting. This clearly shows that PM Modi doesn’t want his relationship with Adani to be exposed.

➢ BJP’s DIVERSIONARY Tactics is proven by 3 ridiculous allegations.

1. First, they claimed that Shri Rahul Gandhi asked “foreign forces” to help India in London. That is a WHITE LIE !

If anyone goes through the entire transcript of Shri Rahul Gandhi’s statements in the U.K, they would NOT find any such statement. Instead, what he said was “this is our problem (erosion of democratic institutions under Modi); it is an internal problem and it is India’s problem and the solution is going to come from inside, it is not going to come from outside”

2. Second, BJP is now raising the bogus bogey saying Shri Rahul Gandhi indulged in targeting the OBC, just because he asked a question to PM Modi ! Another Bogus diversionary tactic by the BJP! How can a person who walked 4000 km in the “Bharat Jodo Yatra”- to spread unity – target a community?

3. Third, then came BJP’s disqualification. Within 24 hours of the judgement by a lower court in Surat, Gujarat- BJP moved at a “lightning speed” to disqualify Shri Gandhi from the Lok Sabha, even though the court itself had given him 30 days to appeal in a higher court! Why is BJP so scared of Shri Rahul Gandhi ?

➢ BJP President J P Nadda’s cheap ploy to to allege that the OBC community has been insulted proved clear frustration.
Firstly, the statement made by Shri Rahul Gandhi was asking why some thieves have the same surname (Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi, and Narendra Modi) – not that anyone called Modi is a thief. No community was targeted.
Secondly, neither Nirav Modi nor Lalit Modi are OBCs. And whatever their caste, did they not commit fraud? Why is the BJP protecting fraudsters?

Thirdly, the Congress party has 2 OBC Chief Ministers. This proves that Congress values their contribution.

➢ Rahul Gandhi and the Congress will not get scared. During the Bharat Jodo Yatra, we went directly to the people and heard their concerns – price rise, unemployment, social inequality, and the capture of institutions. We will continue to raise these issues of the people and continue to send our message directly to the people.

➢ The maximum two-year sentence for criminal defamation is unheard of – we can hardly find cases where it was given, especially to an elected representative. On the other hand, cases against BJP leaders are dealt with exceeding leniency. BJP MP from Banda, Uttar Pradesh, RK Singh Patel, was convicted in November for halting a train, blocking public roads, and pelting stones at police personnel – but only got 1 year in prison.

➢ The British used to punish Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Patel, Maulana Azad either with sedition or jail sentences. The Congress eventually won against the British. Now, the Modi government is targeting Rahul Gandhi for exposing thieves and scamsters. The Congress will win again.

Case timeline
Apr 13th 2019
Rahul Gandhi makes election speech in Kolar, Karnataka
Apr 16th 2019
BJP MLA Purnesh Modi files complaint in Surat, Gujarat
Mar 7th 2022
Complainant seeks stay from Gujarat HC on his own complaint; HC grants stay
Feb 7th 2023
Rahul Gandhi makes speech questioning the relationship between Adani and PM Modi in Lok Sabha
Feb 16th 2023
Complainant withdraws his own request for stay in the Gujarat HC
Feb 27th 2023
Hearings resume in trial court
Mar 23rd 2023
Trial court convicts Rahul Gandhi and hands down maximum sentence of 2 years
Mar 24th 2023
Lok Sabha secretariat disqualifies Rahul Gandhi within 24 hours”

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