Conrad & Paul happy with govt performance

First anniversary of MDA-2

Shillong, March 6: Chief Minister Conrad Sangma and Cabinet Minister Paul Lyngdoh are happy with the performance of the MDA-2 government as it completes one year in office on Wednesday.

The chief minister said the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government has completed six years and has been able to provide ‘stable’ and ‘consistent’ growth to the state.


Conrad told reporters that one year completion of the MDA-2 government also coincides with the 6th year anniversary of the MDA government as a whole – MDA-1 and MDA-2 together.

Paul said the performance of the MDA-2 government has been phenomenal.

On the budget presented by the Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma , Paul said, “We have a very ambitious programme of action and by the end of the tenure of this government, Meghalaya would be a 10 billion dollar economy.”

“The CM Elevate program has taken off in a huge manner. Arts and culture, which was always considered a minor department today, has been able to establish U Tirot Sing Library at Dhaka, Tagore cultural complex here at Shillong and several other activities,” he said.

“Tourism department is busy on a daily basis. We have groups which organise shows and engages roughly around 3,000 youngsters, we have about 15,000 people directly and directly engaged by the tourism sector. So these are major milestones and in a single year for this to happen are certainly worth acknowledging,” he added.

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