Extortion by HNLC cannot be tolerated: Conrad

Shillong, Mar 6: Chief Minister Conrad  Sangma has said HNLC can’t carry on with criminal activities and engage in talks.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Conrad said the government is taking steps to ensure extortion activities by the HNLC are stopped.


“We are now on the job and we will ensure that the extortion is completely stopped and none of our citizens should be affected by this,” Conrad told reporters.

There has been reports of distribution of demand notes to business men leading to the arrest of HNLC’s PSO Storgy Lyngdoh from Shillong.

Conrad said his government is very clear that no illegal activity in this form extortion will be tolerated.

“Hence, when this issue had come up to us, we had a very prompt meeting few weeks back  – I will not give details as it was a closed door meeting – and we had given instruction to the police to go ahead and do what it takes to ensure that this kind of activities don’t take place,” he added.

“And based on that, the police have done its duty. They are moving forward and you will see that the extortion cases which were there in the past it is coming down even the people will tell you. Of course there is so much work to be done but full efforts are on,” he added.

Regarding the regrouping of the disbanded GNLA in Garo Hills, the chief minister said three people have been arrested and police are on the lookout for another three more.

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