Demand to name new district as Central Khasi Hills

Debates and jokes over 'Eastern West' Khasi Hills

Shillong, Nov 9 : With debates and jokes flooding social media and among people, a new demand has come to the fore that the district with Mairang as headquarters should be named as Central Khasi Hills.

“In our geography classes in school, we were taught the four cardinal directions of North, South, East and West. Then we have North East, North West, South East and South West. But I’m totally foxed with the proposed new district comprising areas of the present Mairang Sub-Division which has been called Eastern West district! Eastern West? Where does this point? So is this towards the East or the West in Meghalaya? Come on, this is one ridiculous name coined, I’m told, by no less than the Meghalaya Cabinet! God save us”, this is the facebook post of academician Eugene Thomas.


Several other related social media posts agree to this.

Journalist Philip Marwein, who is from West Khasi Hills, said  “Eastern Khasi Hills is a misnomer, it is a joke, it is a hoax and it has no meaning. Central Khasi Hills is appropriate or  Khatsawphra District is alright but the most appropriate  is Central District”.

He said since Mairang is central to Meghalaya, it should be Central Khasi Hills.

Artist Raphael Warjri said either Khatsawphra District or Central Khasi Hills should be ideal.

The local MLA and Assembly Speaker, Metbah Lyngdoh said since the area is eastern part of  West Khasi Hills, the new district was christened  Eastern West Khasi Hills.

UDP leader Jemino Mawthoh also echoed the same.

W. Nongsiej, the first DC to be appointed refused to comment on the matter.

Image courtesy: social media 

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