Disney, Warner & Sony halt release of films in Russia

Washington, March 1 (UNI): Several big Hollywood film companies on Tuesday announced that they are halting the release of their films in Russian cinemas, after the invasion of Ukraine.

The announcements by Warner Bros, Disney and Sony mean the releases of major movies like The Batman, Turning Red and Morbius will now not take place as was earlier scheduled in Russia, BBC reported.


These latest developments come as governments around the world are ramping up their sanctions against Moscow. The movie industry is just one in the long list of global corporations, including car makers, banks, energy giants, tech companies that have decided to cut business ties with Russia.

Warner Bros blockbuster The Batman was due to be released in Russia on Friday, while Disney has delayed the Russian release of the Pixar animated film, Turning Red. Sony has halted the release of its Marvel adaptation Morbius in the country.

The entertainment giant also said that it would work with non-governmental organisations to provide “urgent aid and other humanitarian assistance to refugees”.

Meanwhile, Netflix said that it will not comply with new Russian rules to carry state-backed channels.

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