Election fund not distributed resulting in NPP’s defeat


Apropos the news appeared in Meghalaya Monitor, on 24/06/24 under caption. “Anger against Ao after LS Poll outcome” while supporting to what Mr. C.R. Koch said, I would like to say further that, not only Mr. Chuba Ao, the Prabhari, BJP, Meghalaya but also Mr. Rikman Momin, the BJP State President, Meghalaya is equally responsible for the measurable defeat of NPP in both Tura and Shillong seats in the last Lok Sabha election. They, in a very planned manner, deliberately got the BJP stopped contesting in Meghalaya in the said election, may be, for their vested interest as I feel.


In this regard, I would like to mention about the statement published in the Meghalaya Monitor on 17/04/24 under caption – “Concern over Ao branding BJP as weak in Meghalaya” in which the person in anonymity said – ‘…if the BJP is weak in Meghalaya, then the in-charge is weaker and because of this the party is becoming weaker instead of becoming stronger’. I feel, the person is right.

Secondly, according to me, not only non-setting up the candidate is responsible but also the money factor i.e., non-distribution of money to the BJP karyakartas during the election was the main reason of NPP’s defeat. It is really surprising and questionable that, the state president did not distribute a single pie to the party karyakartas during election inspite of the fact that the election fund for the BJP was given to the state president Mr. Rikman Momin which was disclosed by the Chief Minister Mr. Conrad Sangma himself in a meeting while asked. As learnt from the most reliable source, Rs. 80,00000/- (Rupees Eighty Lakh) was given to the President, BJP only for Tura Seat i.e. for Garo Hills. (Not known about Shillong). This is really unfortunate that still BJP karyakartas did not get even a pie from either the state president or the state prabhari. And as a result NPP lost measurably to Congress and the sacrifice of the BJP has gone in vain.

Question arises, where has the money gone?… whether the money is siphoned off or, they spent it for the Congress?… Party should thoroughly investigate into the matter and which should be followed by necessary action.

According to me, not only Mr. Ao but also Mr. Rikman Momin should step down or, both be removed from the posts they are holding for the party’s interest.

Yours etc..

M.S. Rabha,

Senior BJP Member,

Garo Hills.

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