FKJGP meets MPSC chief to speed up recruitment process

Shillong, Nov 21: The Federation of Khasi Jaintia and Garo People (FKJGP) has sought the intervention of the Chairman of Meghalaya Public Services Commission (MPSC) PR Marwein to speed up the job recruitment process for the vacant posts. 

FKJGP president Dundee C Khongsit told reporters that during the meeting the MPSC chairman highlighted the problems faced by the commission while conducting the examination for various posts.


“He has pointed out that the reason behind the delay in the recruitment process is due to the large number of applicants for a small number of posts. There are over 20,000 applicants for 5-6 posts. Following the old system of accepting applications has further slowed down the process,” the FKJGP leader said.

Khongsit said the federation stressed the need for the state government to immediately create an Information Technology (IT) cell within the MPSC office so that use of technology can to a great extent facilitate the online application.

“We have also discussed other ways and means to speed up the job recruitment process by the MPSC,” he said.

The Chairman of the MPSC has also cited the Covid pandemic and the court’s direction to have roster system in place as the other reasons for the delay in the recruitment process.

Regarding the delay in advertising the vacant posts in the different departments, Khongsit said that the chairman had requested them to ask the different departments to speed up the matter by informing the MPSC.”

Employment policy

The FKJGP also reiterated its demand for the state government to come up with the state employment policy.

Khongsit said that it would be an irresponsible statement on the part of the chief minister if he is denying that the state employment policy is not mandatory.

“When we talk about the state employment policy, it doesn’t mean only for the government sector but for the private sectors too. Government jobs are almost saturated and the government cannot accommodate all the unemployed youths. That is why we are looking towards the private sectors where telecom companies, private banks and others are coming up. By having our own state employment policy, the government can have provisions to ensure 80 percent jobs are reserved for the people of the state,” he asserted.

He said as per the Industrial Policy 2017, 80 percent of unskilled workers and 50% of technical posts are reserved for local indigenous people but such provisions do not apply to private banks and other companies. Therefore, the state needs to have its own state employment policy which will to a great extent help in addressing the unemployment crisis faced by the local people.

Khongsit said there is nobody to see that such existing provisions are fully implemented by the industries. “Government is sitting idle and NGOs have to enforce the existing laws whenever they get complaints from the public,” he said.

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