Flights to Bucharest, Budapest to fly back Indians stuck in Ukraine

New Delhi, Feb 25 (UNI): As part of the government’s rescue plan for stranded Indians in war-hit Ukraine, Air India will operate two evacuation flights to Romanian capital Bucharest to bring back Indian nationals.

Sources said the two flights could take off on Friday. While one of the two flights is expected to take off from Delhi, the other is scheduled from Mumbai.

The government will make payments to Air India for operating the evacuation flights. “One each flight to Bucharest and Budapest is also scheduled for tomorrow,” sources said.

The Embassy of India in Budapest has announced that it is working to establish evacuation routes from Romania and Hungary. “Indian nationals especially students living closest to the above border check points (Hungarian border near Uzhhorod and Romanian border near Chernivtsi) are being advised to depart first in an organised manner in coordination with team from Ministry of External Affairs to actualise this option,” it said in the advisory.

A special Air India flight to Kyiv had taken off on Thursday but was recalled mid-air following closure of Ukrainian airspace for civilian flights.

Ever since Russia declared war against Ukraine Thursday 5 am (local time), fear and uncertainty have gripped families of those stranded in Ukraine. Both students and their parents have pleaded the government to bring them back.

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