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Four NE MPs want govt to repair NH 6

Shillong, Sep 23: The MPs from four North East states – Meghalaya, Assam, Tripura and Mizoram – have asked Union Minister of Road Nitin Gadkari for immediate repairing of the dilapidated national highway (NH-6).

In a memorandum to Gadkari on September 20, Shillong MP Vincent H Pala and 3 other MPs from the NE said, “We request that the road be repaired immediately to bring it to a safe and serviceable condition. This includes filling potholes, repairing damaged sections, and ensuring proper road markings and signage for the safety of commuters.”


“Given the exponential growth in traffic, we propose the widening of NH-6 to six lanes to accommodate the increasing volume of vehicles and ensure s

The deteriorating condition of NH-6 has been a matter of grave concern for the residents and commuters in these areas.

“Despite being a vital lifeline connecting these states, the road has not seen substantial repair or maintenance in the past year, leading to a cascade of problems, including increased travel time, accidents, and disruptions in the transportation of essential goods,” it said.

The MPs also drew the attention of the union minister to the exponential increase in traffic along this route, primarily due to mining activities in Meghalaya and the growing economic interdependence between the states connected by NH-6.

“The existing two-lane road is no longer sufficient to accommodate this surge in traffic, leading to traffic congestion, delays, and a considerate negative impact on the local economy. As the only road connecting Meghalaya with the Barak Valley, this highway’s importance cannot be overstated,” they asserted.

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