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Looking fresh and glowing all day long can be quite a struggle, especially in summer when we have to deal with dry and dehydrated skin. Well, it is not easy to deal with pollution, dirt and oil due to continuous exposure to harsh sunlight/UV radiations. It is hard to maintain a fresh face with severe environmental conditions during summer.


There is nothing like a refreshing face mist in sultry times. Facial sprays are a great way of hydrating, reviving and brightening skin throughout the day. Face mists also moisturise the skin and leave you with a glowing complexion.

Experts suggest that treating skin with fresh seasonal fruits is one of the best ways to pamper our skin.

Cucumber is one of the cheapest, safest and most sustainable options in summer and it works excellent for all skin types.

Its high water content not only hydrates the skin but also acts as a natural coolant. It soothes, calms and revitalises sun-damaged skin. Moreover, it closes the pores and reduces oiliness. Cucumber face masks can revive tired skin and get rid of sun tan and acne.

Depending on the ingredients, the spray mist can tone the skin, or close the pores, or reduce oiliness. It can also have a healing effect on eruptive conditions and may moisturise the skin. Simply formulated, a facial spray can be a wonderful pick-me-up treatment. Facial mists also help to “set” your make-up. Instead of a powdery or chalky finish, you can have a moist and healthy look after applying make-up.

To make a spray mist at home, you will need a spray bottle and distilled water. Or, you can use mineral water, instead of distilled water. Rose water may also be used. In fact, you can put rose water in the spray bottle and chill it in the fridge. You can also mix rose water in equal quantities with cucumber juice. Cucumber is a natural coolant and cucumber juice can be a wonderful face toner and an astringent.

Cucumber is packed with natural toning properties, so you can use it twice a day as a toner alone.

You can make a facial mist with cucumber juice, mixing the juice of one cucumber with a tablespoon of rosewater and one cup of mineral water. It will not only tone the skin, but also remove tan over a period of time.

Cucumber juice can also be mixed with one teaspoon of mint juice and a cup of mineral water.

The juice of one cucumber can also be mixed with half teaspoon lemon juice, one teaspoon aloe vera juice and one cup rose water. Chill the mixture in the fridge. This spray mist will close the pores and also moisturise the skin, without making it oily.

You can also mix one tablespoon of cucumber juice with one cup of coconut water. It makes a refreshing skin toner, also cooling the skin. It is also a skin whitening beauty treatment if used over a period of time and lightens blemished skin.

You can also take 10 gm of rose petals and put them in a bowl. Add two cups of hot water to cover them and let them infuse in the water. Leave overnight. Next morning cool and strain and then add one tablespoon of cucumber juice and the contents of one Vitamin E capsule. Mix well. Put in a spray bottle and use it to spray a fine mist on the face. It helps to tone, refresh and nourish the skin.

Cut a fresh cucumber and ripe tomato into chunks. Blend the chunks in a food processor and process until smooth. Pat the mixture, without rubbing, onto your face and neck using your fingers. Let it sit on your skin for five minutes. Rinse well with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean towel. Keep the remaining mixture in a container and store it in your refrigerator for up to 15 days. Use it daily.

Take the juice of a medium size ½ cucumber in a small bowl. Pour ½ cup of distilled water. Add 1 teaspoon each of aloe vera juice and witch hazel. Mix it well and keep it in a small bottle. Use it whenever you need freshness.

One should take care not to use too much facial mist sprays. They provide a cool, fresh feeling, but that does not mean you drench yourself with it. Too much can cause your make-up to run, instead of helping to set it.

Hold the spray bottle about 6-8 inches away from the face and spritz the solution 2-3 times. Allow it to dry naturally while ensuring that the skin absorbs all the goodness!

Home beauty recipes should not be made in large quantities.

You should use a light moisturising spray and avoid using too much.

Different ingredients can be steeped in hot water, cooled and then strained and used in a facial mist. Among these are lemon and orange peels, lemon or orange slices, grapefruit, aloe vera juice, etc., apart from cucumber. Store the liquid in a refrigerator.

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