Govt asks school to change wrong text book

Shillong,July 20: The state education department has asked the little star senior secondary school, 9th mile Baridua, Ri Bhoi to change the controversial text book or face closure.

The book mentioned that the official languages of Meghalaya are Bengali, Nepali and Marathi instead of local languages Khasi and Garo languages.


The government said the text book has not been approved and it is not in the list of MBoSE.

“All books of private schools cannot be scrutinised by the department”, an official added.

The Khasi Students Union (KSU) Northern Border Area has filed an FIR with Khanapara police station against the author of the book and the school authority for publishing and using the text book of social studies which gives wrong information about the official languages of Meghalaya.

The Union said it had come to its notice on July 20 that school was using the text book of social studies in class III with wrong contents.

The book written by Dr Dhananjay Joshi and Neelam Jain, was published by Bright Star Books International, 521-Vasnat Kunj, New Delhi-110070 and approved by NCERT.

The union expressed concern that the book  might have reached schools of other states and that if no action is taken this will affect the sentiments of the people of the state.

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