Govt defends appointment of advisors

Shillong, Feb 18: Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong has defended the appointment of advisors by the MDA government.

His response is after the VPP president Ardent Basaiawmoit criticised the government for appointing retired DGP R Chandranathan as security advisor.


The government had also appointed many other advisors to both the government and the chief minister.

Tynsong said engaging experienced people is productive and not a wasteful expenditure by the state government.

Tynsong said the state government had taken important decisions on quite a number of issues because of the advisors.

“Just alleging that we spent money because of these people, it is totally wrong. It is in fact a minimal token amount we are paying them,” he said.

The deputy chief minister clarified that the former DGP has been assigned as security advisor to follow up proposals and also to be a linkage between the state government and the ministry of home affairs.

“This is what we are doing and we don’t just waste money but when we engage any person, we engage with calculation so that the state government can be more productive. If the state government is more productive the benefit goes down to the state as a whole,” he said.

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