Govt firm against UCC in Meghalaya

Shillong, July 5: Law minister and spokesperson of the MDA-II government Ampareen Lyngdoh asserted that the state government is firm not to allow operation of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in Meghalaya.

“We as a state as you heard the chief minister’s comment are firm on this matter, we shall not be part of allowing UCC to be operational in the state of Meghalaya,” Ampareen told reporters on Wednesday.


To a question, Ampareen said no information has yet reached her office on whether the government has been asked to submit its views on the UCC.

According to the minister, with the elections happening in certain states, there have been statements made by leaders of the country on the implementation of the UCC. Accordingly, there have been actions based on those observations made in a public forum.

UCC meant for general areas: Bernard Marak  

BJP MDC from Tura Bernard M Marak said the Uniform Civil Code should not worry the tribal communities of the Northeastern states as it is meant for the general areas not the tribal areas.

In a statement, Marak said that the North East has special provisions in the Constitution which was never taught to the tribals in schools and colleges thus most of the leaders remain blind to the realities.

He said the UCC is meant for the general areas, tribal areas will not be affected. General means those areas which are governed by the general laws so UCC will not affect the tribal areas which are protected under special provisions of the Constitution.

KHADC, pressure groups against UCC 

The KHADC has convened a meeting of the pressure groups to discuss the issue.

After the discussion, the meeting decided to oppose the implementation of uniform civil code in the state.

Earlier, during the council session, the KHADC had passed a resolution against the implementation of uniform civil code.

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