Govt may go by UPSC list for DGP appointment

Shillong, Feb 14: Chief Minister Conrad Sangma said the government may go by the UPSC list while appointing the new DGP.

Out of the five names sent by the state government, the UPSC shortlisted three- Mukesh Agrawal, KV Singh Deo (both 1989 batch) and L Ram Bishnoi (1991 batch).


The UPSC did not consider the remaining two names -SN Singh (1991) and Idashisha Nongrang (1992) as they were the last two in the list of five originally sent by the state government.

Nongrang is currently serving as state special DGP.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, the chief minister said the state government has limited role on the demand for a local person to be appointed as the new DGP.

“We are of course tied by procedures of the government of India and the way the UPSC gives the empanelled names, this is based purely on seniority and this is the procedure that is followed throughout the country. There is limited scope of the state government bypassing that empanelled list even though we may want or the people may desire but these procedures are very tricky, very complicated and very strict I must say and therefore, there is less room for state government to try to bend those rules so we will see how to move forward in this but we are examining the entire matter,” he said.

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