Govt to issue notice to engineer for joining NPP without resigning

Shillong, March 18: The state government has decided to issue notice to the PWD  executive engineer Ransom Sutnga for joining a political party

The matter was raised during zero hour by Zenith Sangma (AITC).


Sutnga joined the NPP on Saturday last.

In reply, Deputy Chief Minister in-charge PWD (roads) Prestone Tynsong said, “Necessary action will be taken according to the provisions of the service rules”.

Zenith wanted action against Sutnga for violating the Meghalaya Service Conduct Rules, 2019.

Referring to a news report, Zenith said  Sutnga, who is the executive engineer in PWD(Building) and Dr WR Kharlukhi, who is the Rajya Sabha MP and state president of the National People’s Party (NPP) held a party meeting under Shillong North consttutency recently.

In the meeting, Dr Kharlukhi introduced and felicitated by putting the scarf having NPP symbol and announced that Sutnga will be the party candidate from Shllong North in the next Assembly polls.

“Now the question is Sutnga is still the executive engineer in the PWD (Buildings) and he has not resigned from his post till date  whereas he is holding meeting in political platforms and involving in political activities so does the law permit?” Sangma asked.

Pointing out the Meghalaya Service Conduct Rules 2019, Zenith said it clearly stated that “any government employees cannot participate in any political activities or be part of any political party as long as he or she is in service.”

When anybody is involved in any political activities when anyone is in service definitely one will misuse his position and there can be favourtism and nepotism which is of course against the law, he added.

“The action of Sutnga who is still the executive engineer of the PWD attracts the provision of the Meghalaya Service Conduct Rules, 2019. Therefore, action shoiuld be definitely taken against this officer under the provisions of law otherwise it is going to create bad precedence and that there can be serious ramification in the future because majority of the people they don’t read books, they go by the trend. Therefore, I urge upon the government to take appropriate action under appropriate sections of the relevant laws and rules and send a strong message to any other such government employees in future,” Zenith said.

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