Govt using backlog to adjust current vacancies: KHNAM

Shillong, May 20: The Khun Hynniewtrep National Awakening Movement (KHNAM) has alleged that the government is using backlog to adjust with the current vacancies for job recruitment.

Addressing a press conference on Saturday, KHNAM leader Thomas Passah said for the past one month, MPSC had declared the results and for an instance,11 candidates were selected from Garo community and 5 from Khasi which shows that there was a backlog.


According to Passah, this is illegal while the government is planning to have prospective implementation of roster.

He criticised the coalition partners for trying to mislead the people by claiming that the implementation of the roster system is prospective.

“It’s so surprising that the political leaders of high caliber are fooling and misleading people by stating that the implementation of roster system is prospective while in fact it has been made retrospective by the government,”  Passah said.

“If the roster is really prospective then the entries made in & maintenance of the roster registers and roster acts should start from zero as on May, 2022 & no MPSC result notifications, appointment orders and promotion orders prior to May, 2022 will be referred to/required at all in the preparation and maintenance of roster documents,” Passah said.

“However, the fact of the matter is that the government had used/made entries/taken the inputs/recorded the figures n details from the MPSC result notifications, appointment orders and promotion orders were issued during the period from 1972 to April 2022, which has been made on mere assumption, while preparing the roster documents & hence it is  100% retrospective and nobody can deny this fact though they may be able to mislead some innocent persons,” he added.

Besides VPP, KHNAM had also walked of the all-party meeting on roster held on Friday.

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