Govt yet to decide on ad hoc teachers’ salary hike

Shillong, May 4: The state is examining the demand of ad hoc teachers to increase payment, said Education Minister Lahkmen Rymbui on Wednesday.

On whether the government would be in a position to consider enhancing their salary by Rs 18,000, Rymbui said, “The government is examining all the necessary things which are to be done.”


On the FASTOM’s decision to intensify agitation if the government fails to comply with its demand, Rymbui asked the teachers to have faith in the state government.

“As government we are working to fulfil the aspirations of all sections of the society… when the government is working on the process, we have to trust each other,” he said.

“Having said that it is not easy for the government to take a decision because the decision which we take it has a wide ranging ramification because it affects other sectors also so not only that when we take a decision we will take a decision which the government will ensure there will be no problem like what we have experienced with other sectors where we commit today, we cannot pay every month, we have to pay every three – four months so whatever decision we will take a conscious decision so that the government will be able to fulfill its obligations and promises,” he added.

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