HC for Covid vaccination, extends support to govt   

Shillong, June 23: The High Court of Meghalaya has entrusted the state government to take action against those who spread misinformation against vaccination.

During the hearing of the  PIL on Wednesday, the court observed, “In the event, there is any attempt made by any person/organisation to spread misinformation regarding the efficacy of vaccination among the people of this state, the concerned authority of the state shall immediately step in and proceed against such person/organisation in accordance with law.


The court asked the state government to bring such instances to its notice.

The court also wanted the commercial establishments and taxis to display signs regarding the vaccination status. Signs of both ‘vaccinated’ and ‘not vaccinated’ will have to be put up by them so that the people can make an informed choice.

If any shops/establishments/local taxis/auto-rickshaws/maxi cabs and buses flout the directions, the concerned authority will immediately direct its closure/stoppage of plying, the court said

As far as vaccine hesitation issue is concerned, the same is required to be dealt with by the state government.

“This court shall monitor this issue closely so that the state government is able to overcome the vaccine hesitation problem at the earliest and all eligible persons in  Meghalaya are vaccinated well within the timeframe as may be specified by the state”, the court said.

Earlier, the court observed that that vaccination is need of the hour and an absolute necessity in order to overcome the global pandemic which is engulfing the world.

The matter will come up for hearing on June 30.

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