HC gives three weeks to complete roster system

Shillong, April 20: The High Court of Meghalaya has given three weeks’ time for the state government to introduce the roster system.

Hearing a PIL on the matter, the court reminded the state government that the roster system is relevant only for entry-level posts, unless reservation is also provided for  promotion.


“Further, to ascertain what categories of persons would be next recruited, it is necessary to formulate a roster and apply the roster to all entry-level posts since the time the reservation policy came into effect, including cadres that were born after the reservation policy came into effect,” the court said.

“Upon ascertaining the position in respect of each entry-level post, will it be possible to assess how the discrepancies, if any, may be addressed by inviting more applications in future recruitments from categories which have been under-represented so that at a given point of time there is no further discrepancy,” the court said.

Acknowledging  that it is, no doubt, an enormous task for the exercise to be conducted for every entry-level post across government offices, including other government organisations where the reservation policy applies, the court said that the same exercise has to be completed as far as the high court and the district judiciary are concerned within a fortnight.

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