High drama in Rajya Sabha over farm laws

New Delhi, August 10 (UNI): The ongoing Opposition protests took ugly turn in Rajya Sabha on Tuesday with some members climbing atop reporters’ table and raising slogans causing multiple adjournments post lunch.

While raising anti-government slogans, some members trooped to the well of the House. The situation then got from bad to worse with one of the protesting members throwing papers at the Chair.


The post lunch session began on a stormy note with Congress, TMC, CPI, AAP and other opposition members pressing for repeal of controversial farm laws disrupting the House which had taken up a short duration discussion on agricultural issues.

As the House reconvened at 2 PM, the Vice-Chairperson Bhubaneswar Kalita announced short-duration discussion on agricultural issues.

On this, Congress MP Jairam Ramesh protested saying he had given notice for a Calling Attention Motion on the “three black farm laws” and the ongoing farmers’ agitation for the last nine to ten months.

“Today I find that my name is shown against Short Duration Discussion. My Calling Attention Motion has been converted into a Short Duration Discussion and the Short Duration Discussion is on a general topic of ‘Agricultural Problems and Solutions’ whereas my Calling Attention was on the repeal of the farm laws and the ongoing farmers’ agitation,” Ramesh said.

The Vice Chairman, however, said that he would come back on the issue and called the names of members for the discussion.

Kalita noted that the decision was taken by the Chairman and he cannot go back.

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